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Google Hummingbird Update - SEO Tips & Tricks

Google has rolled out its new search algorithm is called “Hummingbird” “means precise and fast”. Most of the people related to search industry directly or indirectly must wondered a lot about Google’s hummingbird update. So what actually is hummingbird update? What are the prons & cons of this upd…

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SEO Tips & Tricks for Image Alt Tag SEO

Alt is nothing but a simple HTML tag used for the search engine to render the information to the search engine about the images. As Google bot or search engine can’t read images like human being so they have introduced the concept of Image Alt Tag. In Addition ALT tags attribute provide more informa…

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Top 10 SEO Tips & Tricks 2013


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become one of the key elements to increase the exposure of your website. Many individuals who are running their online business by creating their own website require SEO professional for the marketing of their website. If you are starting a business through…

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6 Tricks SEO Practices for Using rel=canonical

Rel Canonical Tag

One of the Important SEO Techniques is rel=canonical. Normally most of the people make some common mistake with rel=canonical. I will suggest you the actual technique and tips of using rel=canonical. It is important to plays an important role in the structure of your web site.

“rel=canonical” t…

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