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Google Removed all Right Hand Side Ads on SERPs Worldwide

 Yes my friends, late February Google has rolled out an update for PPC / Google Sponsored Ads / Google Ad-words all are the same. The “complete and permanent” roll-out is Finalized on 22 February 2016.

The update has been confirmed from various resources, and myself have also searched the same things and came to this conclusion. Google has removed all Right-Hand Side Ads on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

Now the Sponsored ads will appear only at the Top Three Positions and if the Keywords has good searches or demand in the market, then the Number of Results will be Four rather than Three. In addition, the displaying ads at the bottom will be same; there is no change into it.

Impact on users and the Marketers:

For Users:
Nothing changes many times they won’t bother about it. However, this time the right sides blank space will be utilized for PLA’s (Product Listing Ads) or the Knowledge Graphs which is again introduced by Google.

For Marketers:
Those who are doing paid ads the changes to get in the eye of target audience is decreased as compare to previous listings. However, for the e-commerce platform, it’s a better chance to showcase their products more precisely.

The Marketers who are doing SEO – Search Engine Optimization, because of the increase in number of Paid ads at the top of the SERPs result in less space (as in user have to scroll more to see the organic result) because of Paid Ads, Then Google Map Listing, Then Organic Result Starts. So marketers need to put more focus on Organic SEO. Now the main challenge will be on the SEO Companies to rank the website within in Top 5 to get the optimal result.

Gooogle Paid Listing Removed from SERPs Right Hand Side


Google has removed right-hand side Paid Ads Listings the reason behind May be due to Low CTR. The ads might was generated low click through Rates. However, now as right side ads have been completely removed so it will result in more competition for getting ads displayed on top of SERPs. The Bid might get too higher for the industries like Financial Sectors, Real Estate and many more. This mite can also increase in demand for SEO as Paid Advertising will go costlier as compare to organic one.

For Organic SEO, it might get tougher to rank the website at least on top 5 to drive the traffic on a particular website. Even so, for most of the time, for services people do consider Organic Result rather than Paid One. Users are very well aware and know the difference between Paid Listings and Organic Listing.

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