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Google Algorithm Major Updates in 2015

Every Year, Google updates its organic search algorithm around more than 500 times. Out of which many of the updates are minor and some of the updates are major that affects more than 25% of the search result significantly. All these updates Google keep on rolling to serve the user with the best results and to keep the practices of web masters fair and legible.

These algorithm updates affects the search and the marketer significantly. Many of the search marketers face difficulty when these updated take place and some of the marketers enjoys it too. This is because the way they follow the guidelines which Google has provided.

Now let’s see the major updates which took place in Search 2015.

2015 Major Google Algorithm Updates:

Unnamed Update – Feb 4, 2015:
At the starting of the Year Feb 2015 in Search, most of the webmasters had experienced major flux in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) This Speculation ranged from an e-commerce focused update to a mobile usability. But Google did not officially confirm an update.

Mobile Update AKA “Mobilegeddon” – Apr 21, 2015:
Long back Google has announced an algorithm update regarding Mobile Friendliness of Your website. Google's 'mobilegeddon' has shaken up search results for those who don't have a mobile friendly website. This update will only Impacted on mobile searchers.

The Quality Update – May 3, 2015:
There was a time in the month of May when Google has launched an update called "Phantom 2". The Quality update, Google acknowledges a core algorithm change which affects a large part of the search. As it itself says it’s a Quality update it has impacted the quality of SERP’s ( Search Engine Result Pages )

Panda 4.2 Update – July 17, 2015:
Google Panda 4.2 has been rolled out in the month of July almost after 10 months of waiting time. Study's says that it will not affect your ranking a lot in a short period of time but yes if you have done something wrong, then this is the time to correct it.

RankBrain Update – Oct 26, 2015:
RankBrain is one of the major announcements from Google’s end.  But yet to be confirmed. This update can be rolled out in Next Year in Search that is 2016.

So let’s wait and watch what Google have in its Algorithm Update to roll out in 2016

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