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Short Tail Keyword v/s Long Tail Keywords

First we need to understand what is keyword? Then we will concentrate on the next two questions. So what is keyword? If I ask anybody that what is keywords the answers will be different and vary from person to person. If anybody will ask me about it, my answer will be "Anything which you search online, though it’s Name, Place, Animal, Thing, Services, Information is called keywords" Now I think most of the people will agree with me with this answer.

Now let’s talk about the types of keywords:

Short Tail Keywords: As per the above definition by me on keywords. Anything which is search only including two words like SEO Mumbai, PPC Services, Marketing Firm or SEO, PPC, SMO and so on. This kind of keywords will be considered as short tail keywords.

Search Behaviour: Now for a short tail keywords search behaviours also varies a lot it also depends on the keyword what people are putting. For e.g. I will put any of the above two keyword in the search box the search will display the relevant result suppose for SEO Mumbai, it will display the result of SEO Company in Mumbai. But when I change the same keyword with for e.g. SEO, PPC so the next result in the search will be of Wikipedia on the first though the person is looking for SEO service or PPC service but he will get the result of what is SEO, types of SEO, same for the PPC etc. Search engine consider these two words as a separate word it will show the relevancy of both the word for which we have made the search. It will go in their database and show the result which is most related of your searched query.

Most of the people feel and would like to go for short tail keywords as it has more competition, more searches, result in more number of traffic, True, but it will also result in high bounce rate, irrelevant target audience, which may be waste of time. For e.g. as an individual you are looking for 1bhk flats and the results are in front of you. So you have too many websites and the list of property to choose from. But it will show you the result of a 1bhk flats which is located 800 - 1000 km away from your office location or the place where you currently live, then it will result in waste of time and also waste of energy searching in that site, for site it will result in bounce rate and irrelevant audience. So for this what will be the right keyword we will learn in the second types?

Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keyword or Descriptive keywords are also known as goal conversion keywords. Now I think you might have got an idea which one is better. Anything which is search using three or more words like SEO Company Mumbai, PPC Services in Mumbai, Internet Marketing Firm in Mumbai and so on. These kinds of keywords will be considered as long tail keywords.

Search Behaviour: In long tail keyword user clearly specify its total requirement and thus it’s also called as descriptive keywords. For e.g. If a person has types SEO company in Mumbai or SEO services in Mumbai or 1bhk flats in Mumbai, it clearly specify his requirement that he is looking for the result only related to his query along with the location which is Mumbai in this scenario.

Conclusion: Understanding the search behaviour along with what end user will search for your products or services which you are offering is very important. Rest of the things depends on the quality of products or services you provide. Also Choose wisely when it comes to selecting the Best SEO Company

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