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SEO Tips & Tricks for Writing an Article and Get Instant Approvals

Being in this field each and every webmaster or content writers know about the increasing number of rejection of the articles have gone up. Most of the new writers are facing upto 10 rejections for each approved article while submitting in top article submission sites.

Rejections are easy to avoid just we have to follow some of the simple steps while writing an articles. Just don’t copy content and write yourself. So here we have the SEO Tips & Tricks for avoiding rejections and getting article approved faster without rejections.


Follow these simple instructions:

Unique Title: 
The most important part of the whole body of an article is the title. While writing a title of an article we have to consider some important points such as the title should be an alternative, attractive, catchy & SEO optimized Title.

On an average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline before going through the whole article, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. That’s why your title should be in such a way so it should determine the effectiveness of the entire piece.

Keyword Placement:
While writing an article we must conclude that we are not just writing for the search engine, we are writing for the user first, then the search engine. Most of the common practice in this regards, people targeting 3 to 4 keywords for each article which is not the best practice. We are in business of SEO writing. Articles should be focused on one keyword to get any ranking in search engine.

How to Select Keywords:

You have to determine yourself the source article title, URL and the text. And ask yourself

  • What is that keywords or word used most frequently?
  • Which phrase will user will type in Google search if he/she is looking for the information which you are providing in your article?

When you have selected the perfect keywords, use it in all the following places. Do not over kill it by adding more and more keywords.

  1. Title
  2. First Sentence
  3. At-least two sub headings
  4. Last Sentence
  5. Article Content
  6. Starting and Ending sentence of summary

General Instruction:

  1. It is most recommendable while start an article with introductory paragraphs before starting your sub heading section. It should include the little bit information about the heading or the sub heading which you going to explain.

  2. If possible just make use of a single photo that should be related to your topic with proper alt tag. You can also provide source of the pictures and videos that you want to include in your content.

  3. Make use of sub headings for your article the practice is using five or more sub heading. A thumb rule is using at least ONE sub heading after every 100 words. Each paragraph should not exceed 3 to 4 lines.

  4. Make use of summary, summary is an overview of an article. It should be comprised into 3 to 3 lines.

  5. Preview your article or do the proof reading before sending it to the editors for review.

  6. Don’t over load your content. Break your content into shorter, easy to understand.

Here we have shared some of the major as well as common problem of article getting rejected while submissions and the points we should take into consideration while writing a good article because a rejected article is nothing but just a waste of time.

By: V Madhu

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